Links to the Health Departments Nevada and CDC are best sources for up to date guidelines.

We are offering telehealth appointments (televisit or telephone) or digital remote monitoring to minimize in office visits for our patients. 

Additional suggestions include: 

Boosting immune system with Vitamin C 1000 mg, Vitamin D 5000 units, Elderberry, Zinc supplements. 

Updating immunizations with pneumonia, shingles, flu vaccinations. 

Monitoring at home vitals every 3-4 days.  To monitor oxygen saturations (finger oximetry), blood pressure, heart rate, heart EKG telemetry, weight and temperature. 

Tracking information can be uploaded to the HEALOW patient portal for most items, and can forward images and data lists to our office as well. 

Please schedule a Doctor visit (telehealth or in office) to review any health questions and items forwarded to our office. This includes EKG strips, Tracker data for BP and HR 
1. Direct e=print at
2. Fax to: 702-616-0505 
3. Email request with pdf attachment to