Dear Patient,


Your health is our priority and as of April 2020 we are offering Telehealth/Telemedicine services!

In keeping up with new government guidelines, we are limiting patients that come in for in-office appointments.

We have upgraded our computers and servers to allow state of the art Telehealth/Telemedicine care

WHAT is Telehealth/Telemedicine?

Telehealth is a digital health solution that connect established patient and our office through telecommunication technologies: digital online text portal telephone remote monitoring and/or video imaging

It can be used in addition to traditional in-person care delivery for healthcare.


WHEN should we use Telehealth?

When you need to contact your physician regarding any health information, current diagnosis,

tests and lab results, prescription management, follow-up care, treatment, education and chronic care management


WHY Telehealth?

   There are Benefits of Telehealth (especially during this crisis) include:

  • No travel costs or hassles

  • More convenient from comfort of your home with reduced wait time

  • Better patient experience

  • Less health risk of spreading or contracting infectious disease


WHERE are Telehealth/Telemedicine links?

Using any of the telehealth links allows patient consent for listed services:

Telehealth/Telemedicine services available:

  1. Televisit (audio/video communication)

  2. Online digital visits

  3. Remote evaluation of pre-recorded patient information

  4. Remote patient physiologic monitoring (chronic/principal care)

  5. Interprofessional Consultations (digital)

  6. Telephone service


WHO will pay for visits?

  • Many insurance companies will pay for Telehealth service subject to normal copay and deductible

  • If not covered however patients often choose to pay out of pocket

  • Fees usually range between $50 to $100


HOW to connect for an Online Televisit Appointment?



  • Patients will be called to "Cancel" their In-Office Appointment

  • Patients will be asked to create a new "TELEVISIT" appointment (same date/time preferred)

  • Consent to receive Telehealth

  • "TELEVISIT" Appointment can be done with your computer or with any smart device or smartphone


  1. TELEVISIT Appointment Instructions (pick any of the following)

  • PATIENT PORTAL (requires computer and camera, enter username/password)

  • HEALOW APP (any smart device, enter username/password)

  • Text message (SMS) is EASY (no username/password needed)

    • Simply press link on your phone to connect you directly

  • If above not possible, we can communicate by phone line and use Facetime or Skype


  1. TELEVISIT Appointment Day 

  • Once the TELEVIST appointment is scheduled we will send you a Confirmation email

  • 15 minutes before TELEVISIT appointment time you will receive a Reminder email and SMS Text message

  • You may press on the link sent by SMS Text or Email message to connect you to our office

  • You may have to enter answer a questionnaire and enter a weight, blood pressure or heart rate



  • Please visit our updated website at  for more information

  • Patients who prefer to come in the office may still do so

  • Patients who have scheduled tests (ultrasounds, holters etc.) may keep these appointments

  • Device Clinic appointments have been CANCELLED for months of April and May

This would apply to anyone who has a pacemaker, loop recorder or cardiac defibrillator

Remote home monitoring equipment can be mailed to you upon request

  • Please keep a diary of your vitals (blood pressure, heart rate, weight, temperature)

  • Our staff will call patients to set up your TELEVISIT appointment (will try to do one week in advance)

  • TELEVISIT appointments should be schedule only by Telephone (not via Healow App)


New Telecommunication equipment has been installed for Patient Portal and HEALOW APP

 (preferred method to communicate with our office)
Temporarily our internal phone service is limited and being upgraded

We request your understanding as we get through this process and new changes

Your trust, patience and support will help us continue to provide the best healthcare to our patients

Wishing everyone good health to you and your family,


Dr. Kenneth J. Shah MD

Vascular Institute of Southern Nevada



Websites of Interest:

Medical Practice Website:

Patient Portal:

Immunize Nevada:

Nevada State Lockbox Info (Living Will Healthcare Directive):

Health District:
Trackers (can link to Patient Portal or Healow APP)   BP device named “Feel” or “View”

Fitbit (ECG recording) or Apple 4 or higher watch