This letter will outline our recommendations for your healthcare to access Telemedicine online medical services

We suggest for all HEALTH-related websites to keep your name or email as the “user name”.

1. Patient Portal (computer access) 

2. Healow APP (smart device or smartphone)

3. Text message (SMS) via cellphone number

4. Email links reminders confirmation letters updates

5. Remote Care monitoring (by devices) 

6. Other Healthcare Sites to get access

  • 1. PATIENT PORTAL (on a desktop computer)
    We have four (4) different ways to access the PATIENT PORTAL for our patients. 

  • 2. HEALOW APP (download APP to smart phone or tablet)

    • APP STORE on smart device to download “HEALOW APP”

    • Need to add our practice to link to the Healow App; find our name

    • Or add our six letter practice code "GJEACA"

  • 3. Text (SMS) messages to cell phone number (can use for TeleVisits)

  • 4. Email Link Reminders and Confirmation

  • 5. Remote Care Monitoring:

    • Trackers Health Device recommended to patient purchase and home monitoring (twice a week readings)

    • Data can be entered manually on Patient Portal or on Healow App.

    • Data can be added automatically with certain linked devices.

    • There are dozens of trackers including for blood pressure, heart rate and heart rhythm. 

    • for multiple devices for heart, diabetes, lungs, weight, activity.

    • Blood Pressure models are multiple, request “Feel” model or “View” model

    • Can be linked to the HEALOW App for automatic downloads.

    • or the newer Apple Watches or latest Samsung ECG watch. 

    • Monthly print reports useful to review. Can email out pdf summary or fax to office:702-616-0505.

    • Other Tracking Devices available for you include Weight, Diabetes Glucose monitoring, Activity etc.

    • Items emailed or faxed are reviewed upon request at time of appointment. 

  • 6. Other Healthcare Sites:

Please register your online accounts with your laboratory, radiology facility, local hospital, pharmacy, insurance:



PATIENT PORTAL please press link: